The Underground 1: Indoctrination

Waking in the passenger’s seat of your ex’s car after being drugged at the BDSM club you followed him to, isn’t exactly the way you want to get attention from the man you’re still in love with… yet, somehow, that’s where Tony stands.

Tony, a lonely boy with little to lose, places his trust, his devotion and his life, in the hands of Alex, a charismatic, mysterious young man, who makes him the center of his life.
When Alex disappears one night, after suddenly breaking up their relationship, Tony, heartbroken and confused, begins following Alex in the hopes of getting either the answers he wants or the closure he needs.
Instead, he finds himself tangled in a net of dark secrets leading to more questions than he started with and one only dangerous path to Alex.
As a dark society full of submission, domination, rules, and limits begins to unfold in front of Tony, he’s left wondering just how far he is willing to go in order to get him back.

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