Medusa’s Dungeons Intro

Dear followers,
This is a space for those submissive at heart who want to know and learn from the experiences that other submissives endure. Also for masters and dominants who wish to expand and perfect the domestication of their slaves, or who simply enjoy the most severe and creative training of others.
In this blog, other submissives will describe their scenes, educacion, punishments and rewards by the hand of strict masters of vaste experience. Likewise, their dominant may comment on their submissions and plans for them.
Some of these entries could include descriptions of sexual acts, humiliation, corporal punishment and graphic scenes. The reader will have the opportunity to respond, comment, give opinions, and even communicate with both parties.
If some of these practices and interactions offend your sensitivity, this is not a recommended blog for you. If, on the contrary, you are interested in participating, be attentive to the instructions and rules to follow, in our next blog from The Dungeon.

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