El Acuerdo Series

Dear friends and readers,
On a news flash, my series El Acuerdo which was censored in Spain for its explicit content is finally available for purchase once more. You can purchase it in Amazon or in the American market via Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobe, and other major retailers.
I hope you enjoy this very controversial saga.


This series follows the story of Tony, a lonely boy who falls in love with the perfect guy, Alexander. But Alex has a secret that threatens their love and their safety.
As a dark, underground society full of submission, domination, rules, and limits begins to unfold in front of Tony, he’s left wondering just how far he is willing to go in order to be with the man he loves…
Filled with twists and turns, an array of memorable characters, mystery, suspense, and unexpected events and revelations, leading to a shocking ending, don’t miss this series NOW IN FULL!
These books contain explicit sexual scenes, m-m, m-w, m-m-w, and certain violence.

David’s Eyes

My new stand alone novel now featured in UK Gibraltar Chronicles as:
“A book so realistic that every character will engage you and make you think and feel…”

Maybe 18 is too young, but Neil holds a secret from his past that’s not only marked him forever, but has also changed the lives of his siblings, and made him feel responsible for their fate. With no one to go to, the young man tries to carry the weight of his family. Tackling their financial challenges, Neil struggles to school and feed his siblings, risking his health, his dignity, and sanity too.
When an unexpected event threatens to destroy their delicate balance by separating them all, Neil is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision, enduring anything that it takes to keep his family safe and together.



A stand-alone book from my new Fantasy Collection, that follows my intense, explicit, dark style… with a fantasy twist.

When beautiful young Eko, an angel from the utopian land of Nirvana, is captured by hunters, he can think of nothing but escaping or dying.
Away from his world and the love and protection of his family, Eko’s life changes forever when he is sold to no other than the Prince of Darkness himself.
In a story filled with adventure, love, and betrayal, Eko and his new Master, Ishmail, will face the battle between good and evil, and the true extent of surrender and love.
Don’t miss this new book from my Adult Fantasy full-length novels.


The Story of Jayy

This book narrates the heartbreaking account of one of the most shocking cases of child abuse and sexual exploitation in the history of the United States.


From my Straight Taboo/Forbidden New Collection Comes

Lustful Scent

Kara is a beautiful, troubled girl with not much of a social life. Raised by her stepfather Will, after her mother’s passing, she has broken every rule in the process, despite the daily punishments and consequences. Suddenly, everything changes after graduation, and she becomes increasingly withdrawn and isolated until her deep secret is revealed.
From that day forward, Kara uses every possible way to tempt Will, from seduction to almost naive reasoning and negotiation, awakening her stepfather’s lower inclinations, kinks, and dominant side.
This story has explicit content, including: m/f, f/f, and spanking. All characters are consensual adults over the age of 18.