Medusa Stone

Author of Dark adult romance and BDSM

Medusa Stone is a novelist and poet, born in Spain, winner of the Humanitarian Literary Award, international blogger and journalist.
Passionate and driven by the defense of human rights, she moved to the United States in the year 2000, where she became an advocate against human trafficking, author, and fervent activist against sexual exploitation and slavery.

Through her novels, Medusa Stone explores the misuse of BDSM as an excuse for sexual abuse, with vulnerable characters in the hands of powerful men and organizations. Much of her writing explores the dark nature of humanity, shining a light on human rights violations, and enacting change one novel at a time.

When not trying to change the world, Medusa enjoys traveling in her caravan, playing music, and creating art… Having met many mystical characters through countless supernatural adventures, she decided to explore the Universe of Pandora, through her new line of Dark Fantasy romance.

Medusa Stone


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